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About Record Electrical Associates Limited

Record Electrical Associates Limited was formed in 2003, bringing together Record Electrical and Townson & Mercer. Based at our factory in Stretford, Manchester, we market, design, and manufacture quality products with unquestionable reliability certified to ISO 9001:2015

Many Years of Manufacturing

Record Electrical

Record Electrical Associates Limited is an established company in two divisions; Record Electrical and Townson & Mercer. Record Electrical are reputable manufacturers with more than 100 years of analogue instrumentation experience, and our instruments are made for control rooms, such as speedometers on the cab desks. We also manufacture speedometers for trains, and all of our products are produced to ISO 9001, which is the system that we are tested to.

Townson & Mercer

Townson & Mercer have been in existence for more than 200 years as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality laboratory equipment. In 1991, the company was acquired by Record Electrical Associates Ltd, and became part of the REA Group. This was formed to combine group strengths in laboratory, electrical measurement, and indication. In 2001, Townson & Mercer became main agents for Sheldon Manufacturing Inc™ of the USA who manufacture a wide range of products for the life scientist under the Shellab™ label. This range includes general-purpose, microbiological, cooled, shaking, and CO2 incubators; hybridisation ovens; general-purpose and shaking water baths; and general-purpose vacuum ovens and humidity test chambers.

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