Moving Coil Meters from

Record Electrical Associates Limited

Choose reliable analogue meters from Record Electrical Associates Limited. Formed in 1911, our company is a specialist supplier of analogue meters and indicators with the “Record” and “Cirscale” trademarks, recognised worldwide as a symbol of quality and accuracy. All indicators are manufactured and calibrated in our factory to a quality system that is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Get in touch today to learn more.

Certified Meters and Indicators

Some of our special Indicators have been certified for use in hazardous area applications, holding ATEX certification for intrinsic safety. They are also suitable for field mounting (rated IP66), and panel mounting, (rated IP54).

Record Products

At Record Electrical Associates Limited, we pride ourselves on utilising the latest technology for innovative solutions to difficult applications. The Record product range includes:

Record Products

  • Record Alternators and Generators

  • Record Cirscale

  • Record Control

  • Record DIN

  • Record FM4

  • Record Marine

  • Record Traction

Specialising in Analogue Meters

Our analogue moving coil meters are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard.

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