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Producing analogue instruments for a wide array of clients, Benchmark Instruments delivers marketing and manufacturing services worldwide. Acquired by Record Electrical Associates Limited in 2020, the company produces a complete range of products that complements our existing line of analogue meters and laboratory equipment. Get in touch today with any enquiries.


Formed in 1985 as BPL-Healey, Benchmark Instruments Ltd merged two reputable companies with a long history in the industry.


The Healey Meter Company was founded in 1919 in Hockley, Birmingham, and later moved to Ludlow, Shropshire, in 1947. Meanwhile, British Physical Laboratories (BPL) was established in 1939, in Hendon, North London, before relocating to Bedfordshire in 1981.


Record Electrical Associates Limited acquired the business from Total Gauges Ltd in 2020.

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Benchmark Instruments manufactures a complete range of analogue indicators and panel meters.

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